Tuesday 24th July 2018

Changzhou Museum & the Global Harbour Shopping Mall

This morning began with a Mandarin lesson where we presented our daily routine to the class based on our homework set at the end of the previous week.  Most of the lesson was then focused on food and ordering in restaurants.  Following this, we were taught the ‘Tian Mi Mi’ song where we listened to the clip and watched our buddies’ sing-along before attempting the song ourselves.  At first, we were quiet and reserved but, by the time it came to the competition against other schools, we demonstrated our angelic, choir-like melody with poise.  Unfortunately, to our dismay, we didn’t win the competition but our teacher believed we should have! #TeamSPH all the way! 

In the afternoon, we visited Changzhou museum and viewed a wide range of interesting artefacts from Chinese pottery and historical objects to taxidermy animals and gigantic bugs!  We took the opportunity to mirror the poses or make scenes come to life by fulfilling the role of what may have been a character in the picture.  (Mr Redfern being a Chinese guard; Emily rowing her boat down the city canal, but nothing could beat Samantha being a ravenous cave woman clutching at fish being cooked on the fire).

After this, we visited the Global Harbour Shopping Mall where we were given free time to check out the shops, watch the bike show or get some food.  The shopping mall was huge and seemed to be a replica of the style in The Trafford Centre, using the same colours and décor.  It even named Manchester in its display of important places / shopping malls of similar style and status… New York, Rome, Sydney… Manchester! 

The evening consisted of practice for the closing ceremony.  Alex prepared his version of ‘Do It My Way’, Sam G practised ‘Music of the Night’ on the piano and then Ella practised the Cha-Cha to Lou Bega’s ‘Sweet Like Cola’.  When we knew that all were confident and ready for the show, we reminded the martial arts students that they needed to prepare for the following day and practise their moves and, following this, stayed in for quiet night before our final day in Changzhou… :( 


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