Year 11

Please bring any unwanted gifts  for the gratitude club, to sell for Mother’s Day. Any items to be donated by 13th March 2020.


The next PSHE lesson, is scheduled for Thursday 12th March 2020 period 1.


Deposits for the PROM, should now have been paid. The final date for the balance of £30.00, is Friday 3rd April 2020.


Letters regarding Leavers Hoodies, will be sent out later this week.


Congratulations to 11SO winners of the attendance award last week, with 97.22%


      Prefects have now been assigned to different faculties. Prefect badges will be distributed during assembly on 2nd March 2020.


The next Rewards Trips are scheduled for 31st March 2020.


Period 6 revision sessions continue. In addition Miss Egan will be running a recap session, on Wednesday lunchtime, week 1 from 12.30 to 12.50.  Please encourage your child to attend.
Miss J Nash- jnash@sph.academy