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What a fantastic Youth Celebration ! Our Easter Egg Hunt and SPH Bingo was a real success raising over £550 for ‘Save the Children’ and ‘Once upon a Smile’. Thank you to everyone who took part !



Here at SPH the staff and pupils are currently enjoying a virtual interactive game of Bingo!
Hosted by our glamorous duo...
#Togetheronthejourney #TeamSPH

1st April 2021


We have a fun packed final day here at SPH, including the Liturgy, an Easter Egg hunt, Virtual Bingo and Non-uniform day.
We wish you all a Happy and Holy Easter from all at TeamSPH.
#Togetheronthejourney #TeamSPH



PSHE Day yesterday some of our students were busy litter picking as part of their community work !
#TeamSPH #Togetheronthejourney


‘The SPH Science Department have been very busy this week judging the Y7 British Science Week competition. Here are the winners!’
They are from Martha, Logan, Evie, Frazer, Beth, Freya, Gracie and Harry
Congratulations to all all, excellent effort, well done!
#TeamSPH #togetheronthejourney



Last Wednesday Year 7 and 8 students took part in the fourth 'For the Love of Reading' session. This time they read Dan Freedman's book 'Kick Off!' which follows Jamie Johnson's football journey as he makes his way from his School football team to playing in the Champion's League! Throughout this session there were students demonstrating Martial Arts and practising the same Football Drills which made Jamie a star!

Afterwards they met Dan Freedman in a live 'Meet the Author' webinar and were able to ask him questions to find out what it is like to write stories and publish books.

#togetheronthejourney #TeamSPH


Last Wednesday Year 7 and 8 students took part in the fourth 'For the Love of Reading' session. This time they read Dan Freedman's book 'Kick Off!' which follows Jamie Johnson's football journey as he makes his way from his School football team to playing in the Champion's League! Throughout this session there were students demonstrating Martial Arts and practising the same Football Drills which made Jamie a star!
Afterwards they met Dan Freedman in a live 'Meet the Author' webinar and were able to ask him questions to find out what it is like to write stories and publish books.



A reminder that tomorrow is Non-Uniform Day !
We are asking for £1 donations towards our chosen charity Once Upon a Smile.



All our pupils have been out walking the longendale trail today as part of PSHE day, a beautiful day in the sunshine!
#togetheronthejourney #TeamSPH

PSHE Day at #TeamSPH
Our Y7 pupils have been busy brainstorming ideas of how we can improve our school environment.
#TeamSPH #togetheronthejourney


PSHE Day @ St Philip Howard Catholic Voluntary Academy
Year 8 pupils have been busy building tents and cooking outdoors!
#togetheronthejourney #TeamSPH


Last week Year 8 have been busy creating The Stations of the Cross in clay ready for Year 6 students from Saint Marys Primary
to paint.
Well done Year 8 and to all those involved at St Marys !



PSHE Day @ Team SPH
Our Y11 pupils have been particpating in education based around domestic violence in relationships.


PSHE Day @ St Philip Howard Catholic Vouluntary Academy.
Pupils have been watching footage around drug and alcohol abuse.



Thursday 1st April SPH Youth Celebration Day
Please purchase your raffle and bingo tickets in school before Thursday!
#togetheronthejourney #TeamSPH






All year groups were offered the chance to prepare and present Beans on Toast challenge at home, here are some of the photos.


The winner of our beans on toast competition was...Y7 Megan Constantine, with her bunny toast. Well done Megan’
#togetheronthejourney #TeamSPH



29th March 2021


Our liturgy will be during period 1 on Thursday 1st April, we aim to start this at around 9:10am

The theme of our liturgy is ‘Find Your Passion’ and we’ll be reflecting on what it means to be passionate about something.

A quote that will be shared as part of the liturgy:

“Passion is an emotion to be acted upon. Without action, passion yields no worthwhile results. Passion is the fuel in the fire of action. When you have passion for something, you love it even when you hate it”.



15th March 2021

#PE Six Nations Challenge
We are currently on 2032,61 miles of our 2100 target
Putting us now between Paris and Rome, we only have another 67.39 miles to go before Saturday!
Please log as many as you can so we can make in time for the games!

15th March 2021

Some of our Y8 pupils started off their back to school with veg curry.
Y10s first lesson was homemade sausage and egg muffins!
mmmmmmmmmm yum, yum

11th March 2021

The Glossop Chronicle ran the latest article detailing what the return to school has been like for our students, please click on the image to viw the full story.

11th March 2021

Our Year 10 Parents Evening will take place on 25th March on School Cloud.
Appointments will be available between 4-7pm using the online virtual system.
Appointment times will be 5 minutes and it will be an opportunity for parents to meet with their child’s subject teachers to discuss their learning.
#togetheronthejourney #TeamSPH

9th March 2021

#TeamSPH PE Six Nations Challenge
A massive thankyou to everyone involved with the six nations challenge.
To date we have logged a total of 1,812.71 miles, putting us between Stade de France and Stadio Olimpico.
We only have another 287.29 miles to log and we have made it to our destination in plenty of time for a city break before the games begin!!!
Keep walking, logging and jogging and we will let you know when we have made it!!
#togetheronthejourney #TeamSPH


9th March 2021

A task set by our Food Preparation Department was excellently executed by our Y8 pupil Isabella Wright who re-created the front cover of a book using food items.
Looks fantastic Isabella, Well Done!

9th March 2021

During food tech lessons our Y8 pupils have been creating a character from a book out of food.
Barney Wood has made a fantastic character from Roald Dahls Esio Trot book 'Alfie the tortoise'.
Well done Barney, great effort!

9th March 2021

We would like to say....
A Great Big Thankyou to two children who have been going above and beyond during lockdown.
One of our Y9 pupils Kiera Urquhart and her younger brother Cameron have been up and out every morning @ 7am! for the past 2 weeks running miles to raise money in aid of 'give football a home'.
So far they have raised a staggering £1,169.00! and ran an impressive...
Kiera: 44.43km
Cameron: 42.52km
Fantastic achievement you two, well done!
If anyone would like to donate please do so through the link below:


#TeamSPH #togetheronthejourney


9th March 2021

An update on our Inter-Generational Project!
Our key worker groups have been working towards a project for the elderly in the community to stimulate and support them in their care homes.
This week our groups spent their session planning themes for their project.
One of the groups have settled on a 60's theme, and another have decided to create a virtual disco atmosphere!
More to follow....


8th March 2021

Here we go again! 

A new challenge for you to welcome you all back to school. How much science can you fit onto a piece of A4 paper?





3rd March 2021

Join the Food Preparation Department at lunchtime from 12.30pm on Thursday 4th March for a cooking challenge, all year groups welcome!!



4th March 2021

Thank you to all those Students who joined the ‘Alice in Wonderland’ For the Love of Reading Session for World Book Day. Alice, The White Rabbit, The Mad Hatter and The Cheshire Cat enjoyed seeing you in Wonderland…
Unfortunately, the Queen of Hearts is still waiting to be ‘Off with their heads’!
We hope that all of our Year 7 and 8 Students enjoyed the session and this has enhanced a further love of reading!


3rd March 2021

World Book Day is this Thursday on March 4th. This year, we are celebrating the day virtually with lots of exciting events throughout the week!
On Thursday 4th March, the whole of Year 7 and Year 8 will join the English Department in a ‘For the Love of Reading’ session where they too can escape with Alice to Wonderland.


2nd March 2021

On Thursday afternoon, the English Department will be leading the third 'For the Love of Reading' session in the 'World Book Day Celebrations' Learning Space for all of Year 7 and Year 8!
We will all be dressing up in costumes to bring Alice's Adventures in Wonderland to life but we still need some narrators!
Does the role of narrator guiding Alice through this strange and surreal world filled with talking animals, a villainous Queen, a Mad Hatter and a Cheshire Cat sound like a part that your child would like to lead?
If so, please ask them to contact Miss Elliott so that they can be the key to unlocking the story for all!
The English Department.


26th February 2021

World book day book.PNG  world book day yellow.PNG World book day book.PNG


While you may not be able to visit the School Library just yet, you can still access lots of fantastic audiobooks through the SPH Virtual Library. To access the Virtual Library, please visit the 'World Book Day Celebrations' Learning Space on the VLE and once there you will be able to click on any title which takes your interest and listen to it read aloud!

#togetheronthejourney #TeamSPH                  



World Book Day is this Thursday on March 4th
 This year, we are celebrating the day virtually with lots of exciting events throughout the week!


26th February 2021


#TeamSPH Six Nations Challenge
So far we have ranked up an impressive... 838.26 miles!!
Meaning we have now travelled from
SPH to Murrayfield (Edinburgh- Scotland) at a total of 235 miles
then on to
Murrayfield (Edinburgh- Scotland) to Aviva stadium (Dublin- Ireland) at 290 miles
and we are now between
Aviva stadium (Dublin - Ireland) to Principality Stadium (Cardiff- Wales) at 290 miles!
Well done to you all, only another 212 miles to log and we are already half way there, let keep going and logging!
Remember, if planning on going a long distance you should be accompanied by an adult and be prepared with warm clothing and something to eat/drink.
#togetheronthejourney #TeamSPH

25th February 2021

Please join Miss Cox for The SPH Weekly Reflection on ‘Forgiveness’ tomorrow at 8.45 on the ‘SPH Weekly Reflection’ Learning Space.

25th February 2021


Introducing our new Inter-Generational Project!

We are proud to announce that St Philip Howard will be the only Derbyshire school supporting this Comic Relief project for our elderly local residents.
As of the week beginning 22nd February our keyworker groups will work towards planning a full days activity to support and stimulate elderly people in local care homes and build Inter-Generational relationships.
One of our groups voted to base their Party theme on a MASQUERADE BALL.
We look forward to the next session with storyboards, plans and activities to discuss/vote on.
Good Luck and Enjoy, we look forward to briniging you regular updates as the weeks unfold!
#togetheronthejourney #TeamSPH

24th February 2021

Masked Reader.PNG

Click on the image to view all the Masked Reader video's on our Facebook page.....


SPH Masked Reader Number 4!

Which teacher is the owl?

Please check out the 'World Book Day Celebrations' Learning Space on the VLE where you can see all the videos so far as well as find out more about the World Book Day competitions and check out the SPH Virtual Library!!

#togetheronthejourney #TeamSPH


24th February 2021


PE Challenge     

The challenge is to walk, run and cycle, the distance from SPH to all of the six main Six Nations Rugby Stadiums.
Cardiff - Principality Stadium.
Dublin - Aviva Stadium.
Edinburgh - Murrayfield Stadium.
London - Twickenham.
Paris - Stade de France.
Rome - Stadio Olimpico.
Birmingham - Villa Park.
Brighton - Brighton Community Stadium
The total distance we have to travel is 2100 miles, before the 20th of March (when the Six Nations Championship ends).
Please again remember to log your daily distances/ exercise and submit to the VLE.
We will update you with progress soon!!


23rd February 2021

SPH Masked Reader number 3!
Who do you think is hiding behind the mask?
Don't forget the first person to correctly identify the teachers and send them to Miss Elliott on Thursday 4th March will win a prize!!

22nd February 2021

Here is another of our staff members reading from one of their favourite books,  The first person to work out which staff member is hiding behind the mask email it to Miss Elliott (melliott@sph.academy) on the 4th March will win a prize!
#TeamSPH Masked Reader Day Two.'

23rd February 2021

On Thursday 4th March we will be celebrating World Book Day 2021.
In celebration of this SPH staff are taking part in 'The #TeamSPH Masked Reader'.
Each day another member of staff will be heard reading from their favourite book. The first person to work out which staff members are hiding behind the masks and email it to Miss Elliott (melliott@sph.academy) on the 4th March will win a prize!
#TeamSPH Masked Reader Day One.'


21st February 2021

We have received The Pupil Premium Award from the Achievement for All organisation, which works with schools across the country to improve outcomes for all pupils.  This is in recognition of the work we are doing to improve outcomes for disadvantaged children.  The Glossop Chronicle covered the story, please click on the image of Mr Kays our Deputy Headteacher below, to read the full article.




12th February 2021

Our local newspaper the Glossop Chronicle shared our 'half term fun!' news this week please click below to view the full article....

12th February 2021

Our SPH Activity Trail is now live!!!!
Here are some sneak peak photos of what to expect.
We'd love to see photos of you on the trail. Please put your photos in the comments of this post or email them to info@sph.academy

Have Fun !!!!!


11th February 2021

SPH Parents, as we near the end of the week, we want to reflect on the success of this half term and
thank you for all of your hard work.
Below, are just some of the supportive comments we have received from you over the last few weeks and,
for this, we are truly thankful!
Without the support from our Parents, it would not be possible!


11th February 2021


SPH Community Activity Trail

We are very excited to share with you our SPH Community Activity Trail which has been undertaken by the keyworker pupils during this term to create a ‘Covid secure’ activity trail.
This is for the children of the Glossopdale area to enjoy this upcoming half term.
Starting last week we have had 60 pupils decorating pebbles to be used on the activity trail.
Please see the attached map that we have created for the children, along with the activities.
As set out on the map children are to follow the path to find the various stones and answer the questions about the stones.
Points to note:
1. The pebbles shouldn’t be moved or touched
2. Please only go on the trail in your family bubble
3. Please remember to follow social distancing guidelines
4. Have fun !
We hope that everyone has a very safe and restful half term and we would like to thank everyone for their support !



10th February 2021

Last week, SPH had a Trust visit to evaluate the Remote Learning Provision. Lessons were observed; Students were interviewed and Staff met with Trust Leaders.
Needless to say, all went extremely well and our Students, as always, made us extremely proud!
Here are just a few of the comments they made:


10th February 2021


10th February 2021

9th February 21

Students are invited to take part in various events today as part of the Safer Internet Day 2021 promoting trust and reliability in the online world.



2nd February 2021

The students have had a fun afternoon today, painting and decorating their chosen stones.
These will become avaliable for everyone to view at your leisure over the February half term......more to be revealed soon......!


2nd February 2021


Daily Challenge


1st February 2021



1st February 2021

29th January 2021


29th January 2021





Buxton & Leek College has a range of online courses that are great for enhancing current skills, learning new ones and progressing with continued professional development.
We believe learning should be lifelong and want to give as many people as possible the opportunity to pick up new skills and enhance your CV.
You can check out the range of courses we have on offer here:
We also have 'learning for leisure' courses that are regularly updated. These are often short courses that focus on a particular skill such as British Sign Language. To find out more information about the variety of different learning opportunities for all our adult online learning we advise registering for our Adults Virtual Information Event which is taking place 5pm-7pm on Thursday 11th February.
You can register via our website here: Virtual Information Evening - Buxton & Leek College (blc.ac.uk)
We hope to see you at the event.




Kooth offer fantastic digital mental health care. Available to all!
Creating a welcoming space for effective personalised digital mental health care.
Available to all. Join us.
We change lives for the better through increasing access to great mental health care.



A great start to lockdown at #TeamSPH week 1 concludes with the following achieved:
* 310 live online lessons
* 5 Form/ Year Group online catch up meetings
* Safety and wellbeing calls made to every student
* Over 50 laptops distributed to help with home learning
* Completed one-2-one sessions with our most vulnerable students by our Pastoral team
* Completed over 150 Covid tests on site

Well done, keep up the great work. Onwards and Upwards!



Don't forget to follow our Twitter page 'Wellbeing at #TeamSPH' !
This page is here to help support you and provides lots of useful information along with advice and important support contacts.



Thank you to Year 11 Parents for joining the Senior Leadership Team in a meeting about changes to GCSEs and BTECs this year. 70% attendance from the year group! Thank you for all of your support. We will continue to keep you updated as soon as we have further information.


On this weeks PE #Teamsphchallenge
And we are off! on the first leg of our journey
After just 2 days we have had 62 pupils log 91 miles of exercise 



Well done everyone keep it up!!
#togetheronthejourney #TeamSPH


For this weeks PE #Teamsphchallenge we are attempting to walk, run and cycle from Lands End (Cornwall) to John O'Groats (Scotland). Keep logging your activity throughout the week as we attempt to complete the 837 miles!!!
Well done to those who have already logged their miles, keep going!!



      Yesterday #TeamSPH completed 62 live online lessons.
        We had over 200 pupils on a live PE workout lesson !!
          We had a whole year group on an online pupil and student catch up and in addition to this, on site               We carried out 80 student and staff Covid tests !!


                            Great work and well done!!!!!



Another amazing charity working hard despite the risks of current times to offer incredible support to our local families.
Bellies not Bins are offering a free packed lunch every Wednesday to ALL secondary school children.
Text your order through to Gill on 07549307720.
Lunches include a sandwich, crisps, chocolate, fruit and a can.
Please collect from Carmel Church, Station Road, Hadfield.



Baby Jesus arrives at #Teamsph and students and staff took part in a prayer to celebrate the true meaning behind the
festive season.


The Chaplaincy Club have very kindly sent out Christmas cards to our local care home residents.


It has been a very Christmassy day here at #TeamSPH!!
Students enjoyed their Christmas dinners then had the chance to watch an online pantomime !!




Science Poem Competition Winners

Our Year 7 students recently took part in a Science poem competition.  We had lots of amazing entries and here are our class winners and overall winner!  


   overall winner!!!       



best presentation!!!


class winner !!!                                                    class winner!!!




class winner !!!                                       shortlisted entry!!!




Today SPH has been packed full of fun activites in aid of our PSHE day
      The day is aimed at developing pupils:
All of our students have been participating in various events including a walk on the Longendale trail, making hot chocolates on gas burners, perfecting the art of putting up tents and for the older students a careers talk from our careers advisor and a project brief including a business enterprise and well being discussion from our visitor Mr Corbally.



Happy Christmas Jumper Day!
Our students looked very festive and brought the Christmas spirit to SPH
The total raised is...£195.80





Our St Ralph sherwin Trust would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and all the best for 2021!
If you look closely, you will see one of our Year 7 students card was the competition winner to be on our Trust's E-Card this year.




#TeamSPH joined together with schools across the nation for @CAFOD’s Light of the World assembly. It’s important to take time to reflect on how we can spread the light of Christ during advent.



Year 8's have been getting into the Christmas spirit and writing short stories to send to the residents at our local nursing homes.


These are the elements of our students character that we will be focusing on developing throughout the school year. Tuesday 15th will be a PSHE focus day of work, where we will focusing on developing ‘FLORIC character’ with bespoke projects relevant to each students year group.




Year 7 have been busy in Food Technology making these delicious looking Christmas themed cakes.....     








SPH Science Competition Poem Competition 2020!

The science department are feeling festive,

they’re gathered around their Christmas tree.

They would like you to write a science Christmas poem, 

to put on social media for all to see! 🎄🎅🏻






The Royal Exchange Theatre Young Company recruitment is currently live!


It offers training for performers, writers and theatre makers (directors, technicians and theatre makers) for young people aged 14-21.


For more information about the Royal Exchange Young Company, have a look at our website here: 
Main Page – https://www.royalexchange.co.uk/young-company


If you would like to get involved, click on the link below.
YOUNG COMPANY SIGN UP TYPEFORM – https://rxtheatre.typeform.com/to/lbISDFBs
As an alternative for people who cannot fully commit to the year of Young Company we also have something called Young Collective, which is a membership that allows members to book onto weekly online workshops and week-long project through school half terms and holidays.
Young Collective – https://www.royalexchange.co.uk/young-company-collective







have launched a new initiative at SPH today aimed at recycling old and broken pens. A red box has been placed in every classroom for these pens to be collected and then recycled. 
All money raised from recycling these pens will go to Year 8's chosen charity, Ellie's Fund:
Ellie's Story by her Mum - Heather. In March 2007 Ellie, then aged 11, was diagnosed with a grade 4 Glioblastoma, an aggressive brain tumour. The Doctors expected her to survive for between 6 and 12 months.
This pupil-led initiative demonstrates leadership, progressive-thinking and philanthropy which follows the Year 8 SPHartan philosophy!


The Learning Support Department have recently completed a new classroom display. Staff and pupils were asked to create a self-portrait for our new portrait gallery. Amazing work!!!


The Chaplaincy club are helping the homeless and asking for donations of hats and gloves. Please take any donations to Mrs Birkitt or Mrs Hulley.


                   y7 chaplaincy.PNG





This year more than ever we have witnessed the positive power that society can have when we come together to tackle a common challenge.
We are all a piece of the puzzle, and together we are united against bullying !!





We are proud to share that two of our pupils have thoughtfully been making their own face coverings to sell and raise money for a charity based in Kenya. This will contribute towards much needed food and PPE.
These can be purchased for a bargain price of £2.50!    Well done girls!!!!!




A massive thankyou to everyone who donated to our Children In Need we raised an impressive total of:



Our lunchtime extra-curricular activities timetable has now been updated with lots of opportunities for our students to further their involvement in subjects or sports they enjoy.



This week to mark the start of anti-bullying week we have asked the pupils to wear odd socks to school. As always they have embraced the opportunity to express themselves in celebrating their uniqueness and address the fact that when it comes to bullying CHANGE STARTS WITH US!
Throughout the week we will be encouraging the pupils to take part in different activities focused around anti-bullying!



The pupils and staff really enjoyed non-unform day in aid of Children in Need and our virtual duck race was a huge success!



A St Ralph Sherwin Art Challenge was set for students across our Trust to produce artwork that could be picked to feature in an upcoming Trust music video !!
Here are 2 great entries into the challenge- Well Done !




#TeamSPH Student Achievement


We are delighted to announce that one of our Year 9 students Alisha Palmowski has finished the shortened Championship Season in second place (out of 28) and is therefore the 2020 Junior DRS100 (Daniel Ricciardo Series UK) Vice Champion!
Alisha is booked to enter the Ginetta Junior Scholarship at the end of November, where the successful driver (out of approx. 60 entrants) wins a fully funded season racing these cars as a support series alongside the BTCC (British Touring Car Championship) which is aired on live TV.
Good luck Alisha!
Facebook Post Alisha Palmowski Racing2.PNG



Head Girl & Head Boy


We would like to say a BIG Congratulations to Dominic and Caitlin in Year 11 who have been appointed as Head Boy and Head Girl for the year 2020 – 2021. They will be supported by Leo and Emily whom have been appointed as their deputies.
All of those who applied can take pride in being pupils who younger students aspire to be like and who contribute a lot to both the school and local community.



2.jpg    1.jpg

#TeamSPH #TogetherontheJourney



#TeamSPH Virtual Open Evening 2020


 open eve.PNG


Macmillan Cake Sale


This Friday 25th September we will be having cake sales within year group bubbles to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support. We are asking pupils to if possible bring in shop bought cakes that are still in their packaging which we will then sell at breaktime. Unfortunately we are unable to sell homemade cakes at this time. If your child would like to purchase a cake for this worthy cause we ask that they bring change so as to avoid money being passed back and forth.
Please can all cake donations be taken to Miss Egan in room 3.







 Glossop Chronicle ran the below article following a very successful online meeting headed by Mrs Morris with our prospective Year 7 parents. 
Please click on the image to read the full article.




GCSE Press Release 2020


This year’s results were the best the school has ever achieved and this was no surprise either!  The school has gone from strength to strength, from the point of the school’s academisation in 2015, right through to present day.  The Class of 2020 were the first year group to be a part of the reformed school, known as, ‘St Philip Howard Catholic Voluntary Academy’ and, shortly after, the academy joined the St Ralph Sherwin Multi Academy Trust.  It was throughout this period, that our journey to success was paved and improvements over time meant we were prepared for our expected Ofsted visit in the academic year of 2019-2020.  The achievement of this year group had already been foretold and, we held great confidence in the Class of 2020’s success.
Throughout their time at TeamSPH, the Class of 2020 were predicted excellent progress and attainment scores and, they certainly delivered.  The average grade in this year group, across the different subject areas was a grade 5.  As expected, the vast majority of students achieved a grade 4 in English and Maths and, a significant proportion achieved the very highest grades (grades 7-9).
The students that made the most progress in the year group were Lara Milward and Jacob Perry- so much so, that in many subjects, they even exceeded their target grades.  The highest attaining Students that achieved the greatest number of 7-9 grades across all of the different subject areas were Ella Davies (10 grades 7-9), Sophie Parker (9 grades 7-9), Louis Taylor (9 grades 7-9), Daniel Pickford (7 grades 7-9),and Alex Snape (6 grade 9s).  These final two students were also the second highest for progress in the year group too.
We are truly pleased that Students can celebrate the victory of their learning journey at St Philip Howard and look forward to hearing about their continued journey to success in the future.  We wish them the very best of luck.  They will certainly be missed!