12th February 2018 - Ofsted Report Letter

12th February 2018

Dear Parent/Carer,

It’s Official – SPH has been taken out of Category!

As you will be aware, we had our first Ofsted Inspection, as an Academy on the 16th and 17th January 2018. We are now in a position to share the findings of the Inspection.

St Philip Howard Catholic Voluntary Academy has been on a journey since being placed in to an Ofsted category – serious weakness in November 2014. We are delighted that Ofsted have now taken our school out of category and judged it to be Grade 3 – Requires Improvement. This was the first vital hurdle that we had to overcome in order to secure the future of SPH and so I would like to thank the pupils, staff, governors and parents/carers for their hard work, commitment and determination in what has been, at times, challenging circumstances.

Please take the time to read the report which can be found on our website at www.sph.academy. Ofsted recognise the journey that SPH is on and the positive steps that have been taken to ensure that all pupils achieve their potential. Ofsted noted, “The Headteacher and Senior Leaders have been relentless in their determination to improve the school”. “The Headteacher and Governors have successfully recruited high-quality leaders and teachers. This has lent much-needed stability to the school”.

“Leaders have worked tirelessly, often under difficult circumstances, to improve the school. Many significant issues have been addressed, including those associated with finance, staffing and with the structures required for a school to function well. Their actions have been effective and the school has improved.”

Our pupils are a credit to St Philip Howard and I am pleased that the Inspectors observed this during their two day visits. Ofsted said, “During the inspection there was heavy snow and the pupils’ conduct in the challenging circumstances was exemplary.” It was also observed that “Pupils are smart and wear their uniform with pride.” This is affirmation of what we already know about the pupils at SPH.

As Headteacher, I am pleased with the outcome of the report as it confirms that we, as leaders, are focusing on all the right areas. I am committed to ensuring that all pupils achieve the highest quality of teaching and learning which, in turn, will ensure that every child achieves the best possible outcomes. The school is improving at a fast rate and we are confident that when Ofsted return, for a monitoring visit, preferably in the summer term they will acknowledge the further improvement that has taken place.

Once again, I would like to thank the SPH community for your continued support. We are all proud that Ofsted said “100% of parents that commented on the Ofsted online questionnaire, Parent View, said they would recommend the school.” I now ask for your support again as we continue on the next stage of the journey.

Kind Regards


L. Morris







Together on the journey – the success story continues.