Physical Education

Physical Education Department


Head of Department: Mr G. Ainsworth 

Mr. M. Kays

Miss R. Roberts 

Mr C Greenwood

Miss D Clarke


Departmental Curriculum

At St Philip Howard Catholic Voluntary Aided Academy, Physical Education has a unique contribution to make to the overall development of our pupils in terms of personal, social and physical attributes.

The concept of ‘Sport for All’ is very important to us and through a diverse sporting curriculum we aim to give all pupil this opportunity. If pupils choose to retain a creative attitude, then we have succeeded outside our parameters, but essentially the immediate provision, opportunity and esteem is there to be grasped in the fullness and freedom of our curriculum and extra-curricular programmes.

The revised extra-curricular programme incorporates coaches from Glossop Table Tennis Club, Glossop Rugby Club as well as links with many other local Sporting Clubs.PE contributes to the overall education of our young people by helping them to lead full and valuable lives through engaging in purposeful activity.Alongside our curriculum we aim to develop various life skills in our students such as self-esteem, positive attitudes, being a good role model, social cohesion, independent learning, sportsmanship and problem solving.


Pupils have two hours of core PE a week in which they will participate in a broad and varied curriculum that encompasses six areas of study:

The six key areas of study are:


Exploring & Communication

Street Dance and Contemporary Dance.


Outwitting Opponents Football, Netball, Rugby, Tennis, Short Tennis, Basketball,

Badminton and Hockey


Identifying & Solving Problems Orienteering and Problem Solving


Exercise Safely & Effective Jogging, Aerobics, Spinning, Boxercise, Weight Training and Circuit Training


Performing at Maximum Levels Cross Country and Athletics


Accurate Replication Gymnastics and Trampolining


By the end of the academic year all pupils from year eight will have experienced each key area of study. This will have provided our pupils with a broad and balanced curriculum that will allow each pupil to achieve in their strongest area. Each area links with our AQA GCSE PE course therefore providing pupils with underpinning knowledge of the content to be taught at key stage four along with sporting activities that will be used as part of the practical assessment.



AQA GCSE PE Course Overview

PE Department Curriculum Overview