Performing Arts

Performing Arts Department

Head of Department: Mr Leitheiser


Departmental Curriculum

We aim to promote understanding of theatre as an art form


·         To enable students to use dramatic forms.

·         To raise awareness and appreciation of theatre from different cultures.

·         To familiarise students with the body of knowledge, principles and vocabulary related to this art form.

·         To raise awareness of the functions of dramatic form.

·         To learn and develop understanding of how to control the form through a variety of dramatic conventions.

·         To feel confident enough to experiment with the art form.

·         To raise awareness of the place of theatre within the context of other art forms.


To develop students’ interpersonal skills (through group work)


·         self-confidence

·         communication

·         cooperation and collaboration

·         communication

·         consideration

·         creativity


To develop students’ expressive skills

These include:

·         imagination

·         creativity

·         presentation

·         working independently and with others.


To enhance a specific group of study skills


The study skills could be cross-curricular and supportive of other subjects. They would involve:

·         observation

·         research (including the use of ICT)

·         concentration

·         evaluation (both orally and in writing)

·         structured writing of various kinds

·         reflecting critically on the quality of their work and refining it, with the support of teachers and peers.





In years 7 and 8 we start with Serious Fun in drama; where we learn through drama games the need to be still and focused whilst developing our concentration, co-operation, communication skills, consideration for others as well as developing our ability to express ourselves creatively. We look at a variety of themes, issue based drama, scripted work and we research practically the history of the arts.

In year 9 we begin our journey to follow the arts through a vocational pathway; researching a variety of theatre practitioners past and present. Throughout year 9 the students follow a variety of mini-briefs working as if they were part of a professional theatre company.

In years 10 and 11 we continue along the vocational pathway working towards a BTEC Tech level 1/2 award in performing arts. Over the two years the students research a variety of theatrical styles and theatre practitioners as well as developing their own drama skills as performers, directors and members of a creative ensemble.


Throughout their time at #TEAMSPH the students will have the opportunity to enrich their lives with cultural performing arts opportunities within school, within their local communities, regionally and nationally.