Music Department

Head of Department: Mr J. Smith


Departmental Curriculum


The Music curriculum has been mapped to ensure students are studying and experiencing all aspects of a creative subject. They are encouraged to develop their musical skills alongside their social, moral, spiritual and cultural skills. In Year 7 and Year 8, pupils have access to music for two terms of the school year.


From Year 7, students are taught music through the three key areas of studying music: appraising, composing and performing. They are also introduced to the key elements of music (dynamics, rhythm, pitch, instruments, tempo, texture, structure). As they progress through Key Stages, these three areas become more challenging and sophisticated.


In Year 7, students develop their skills in the three key areas through the following topics:  Introduction to DR PITTS and Morning Music Compositions, Form and Structure, Instruments of the Orchestra and Music and Space.


In Year 8, study topics such as:  Jazz and Blues, Theme and Variation, Film Music and Musicals.


In Year 9, students develop their appraising, composing and performing skills further through learning about the conventions of Popular Music and Classical Music, added to learning about music from around the world and different professions. The Year 9 curriculum has been designed to promote and develop creativity and expression, with students being introduced to music software in the process.


In Years 10 and 11, pupils push their skills developed over KS3 to new heights through appraising set works and genres in Western Classical Tradition, Ensemble Performance, Film Music and Popular Music. They also develop skills through composing both freely and to a brief and performing challenging pieces on their chosen instrument.