History Department


Head of Department: Mrs L. Kernohan


Departmental Curriculum


In Year 7 History lessons students cover History skills, the Medieval Realms, the Tudors and the Stuarts and The Native American Indians. In Year 8 the focus moves to the modern era with the study of the Industrial Revolution, World War One and World War Two.


From year 9-11 students who have chosen History study 4 key topics over the three years. The course begins with the breadth study Britain Health and the People 1066- modern day. This is followed with a British depth study on the Elizabethan era. The remaining topics consider the shaping of the  modern world and cover Germany 1870-1945 and Conflict and tension in the interwar years 1919-1939.


The faculty also takes a KS4 trip to Poland to support and consolidate learning centred around the persecution within the Nazi regime. This trip involves visiting Auschwitz concentration camp and meeting a Holocaust survivor at the Galicia Jewish museum in Krakow.


Revision Guides for GCSE


CGP GCSE AQA History The Revision Guide

ISBN 9781782946045