History Department


Head of Department: Mrs L. Kernohan


Departmental Curriculum


In Year 7 History lessons students cover History skills, the Medieval Realms, the Tudors and the Stuarts and The Native American Indians. In Year 8 the focus moves to the modern era with the study of the Industrial Revolution, World War One and World War Two. In Year 9 pupils begin a breadth studylooking at the development of medicine and public health from 1000 Ad to the Modern day. This thematic study links to KS4 learning and eqips pupils with core GCSE skills.  


In KS4 pupils follow the AQA History syllabus. The course covers 4 key components; a thematic study of Britain Health and the people linked to KS3, a German History depth study 1870-1945, a British depth study on Elizabethan England and an international study on Conflict and Tension from 1919-1939.


The faculty also takes a KS4 trip to Poland to support and consolidate learning centred around the persecution within the Nazi regime. This trip involves visiting Auschwitz concentration camp and meeting a Holocaust survivor at the Galicia Jewish museum in Krakow.


Revision Guides for GCSE


CGP GCSE AQA History The Revision Guide

ISBN 9781782946045