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Departmental Curriculum

The Level 2 BTEC Tech Award in Health and Social Care gives learners the chance to develop sector specific knowledge and skills in a practical learning environment. The course covers three components entitled Human Lifespan Development, Health and Social Care Services and Values, and Health and Wellbeing. The first two components are assessed through internally marked assignments which are subject to external verification. The third component is assessed through an externally marked examination that pupils have to pass to gain the qualification.


Pupils at SPH study the BTEC Tech Award Level 1/2 in Health and Social Care

The course is made up of three components: two internally assessed and one that is externally assessed. The three-block structure, ‘explore, develop and apply’, has been developed to allow students to build on and embed their knowledge. This allows them to grow in confidence and then put into practice what they have learned.

Component 1 Human Lifespan Development

During Component 1, our students will:

• explore how individuals develop physically, emotionally, socially and intellectually over time

• investigate how various factors, events and choices impact individuals’ growth and development

• discover how people adapt to life events and cope with making changes.

Component 2 Health and Social Care Services and Values

During Component 2, our students will:

• learn which health and social care services are available

• identify why people might need to use these services

• discover who’s involved in providing these services

• explore what might stop people from accessing the services they need

• look at the care values the sector has to make sure people get the care and protection they need.

Component 3 Health and Wellbeing

To achieve this aim, your students will:

• learn what ‘being healthy’ means to different people

• explore the different factors that might influence health and wellbeing

• identify key health indicators and how to interpret them

• assess an individual’s health using what they’ve learned

• create a health and wellbeing improvement plan for that person, which includes targets and recommendations of support services available

• reflect on the potential challenges the person may face when putting the plan into action.

Pupils In Year 10 and 11 are involved with the Gratitude Club in the annual Summer Cream Tea Event during which pupils provide afternoon tea for members of the local church community to say thank you for their efforts throughout the year.




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