Design Technology & Food Preparation

Design and Technology Department


Mr C. Greenwood

Mr M. Jacques - Technology Technician


Food Preparation Department


Mrs T. Jeacock

Mrs T. Mills - Food Technician


Departmental Curriculum

All pupils in Years 7 and 8 study both Design Technology and Food Preparation for two periods a week, for two terms. Throughout Year 7 we discover Design and Technology and Food Preparation in a practical way. We learn how to work safely and independently within both a workshop and a kitchen whilst making products by manipulating a range of materials. We experiment with a wide range of processes and use equipment, hand tools and machines to help with manufacturing. In Year 8 we build on these skills to make more complex products in preparation for GCSE and BTEC options in these subjects. Pupils have a choice of opting for GCSE Food Preparation and Nutrition or BTEC Engineering if they want to continue their studies in this curriculum area. The department is based in a recently renovated area of the school and pupils have the opportunity to use a range of tools and equipment.


Key Stage 4

GCSE Food Preparation and Nutrition is taught from Year 9 giving students more time to develop their skills and knowledge within the subject. Students plan, prepare and cook a variety of dishes whilst studying

  •         Food commodities
  •         Principles of nutrition
  •         Diet and good health
  •         The science of food
  •         Where food comes form
  •         Cooking and food preparation

In year 11 students complete a scientific experiment (15%), a practical food preparation assessment (35%) and a written exam (50%)



The after school cooking club is offered to year 8 until Easter and year 7 in the summer term


Revision Guides for Food Preparation


GCSE Food Preparation and Nutrition for WJEC Eduqas (Grade 9-1) The Revision Guide


ISBN 9781782946526


GCSE Food Preparation and Nutrition for WJEC Eduqas (Grade 9-1) The Sample Workbook


ISBN 9781782946533


BTEC Engineering

Year 9 Key areas:

Design and make assignments (Aluminium Inspection torch and USB lamp)

Health and safety

Use of equipment


BTEC Engineering

Pearson BTEC Level 1/Level 2 Award in Engineering.

Component 1: Exploring Engineering Sectors and Design Applications

This is an internally assessed range of assignments.


Component 2: Investigating an Engineering Project

This is an internally assessed range of assignments.


BTEC Engineering

Component 3: Responding to an Engineering Brief

There is one external assessment, Component 3, it provides the main synoptic assessment for the qualification. Component 3 builds directly on Components 1 and 2, and enables learning to be brought together and related to a real-life situation.


Revision Guide for BTEC Engineering 


BTEC First in Engineering Student Book (Level 2 BTEC First Engineering)

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