Computer Science

Computer Science Department


Head of Department: Mr M. Bailey


Departmental Curriculum


Year 7

During the first year pupils will learn a variety of topics from both Computer Science and ICT. It is very important that that pupils coming into the school are given the opportunity to develop their basic ICT skills and gain an understating of computer science.

The topics they will cover are:

1.       IT Fundamentals

2.       Binary – Level 1

3.       Introduction to Spreadsheets

4.       E-Safety

5.       HTML

6.       Scratch

Year 8

During Year 8 pupils will learn and develop new skills, progressing in areas that were started in Year 7. They will start with an extended project which teaches them the skills needed to do coursework in the future. For the remainder of the year pupils will continue to develop both Computer Science and ICT skills.

The topics they will cover are:

1.       Extended Project

2.       Python Programming

3.       Binary – Level 2

4.       Scratch

5.       Advanced Spreadsheets

GCSE: Year 9, 10 and 11                     

The GCSE course is taught from Year 9 and is a brilliant opportunity for pupils to thoroughly learn Computer Science as GCSE.

The extra year allows the time needed to really stretch pupils and to tackle challenging topics, ensuring that by the time students reach Year 11 they are very comfortable with the subject.

During Year 9 pupils will get a flavour of the two exams that they will sit at GCSE and will learn practical skills via a variety of programming languages.

From Year 10 onwards the pupils start to their preparations for their exams and practical work and start to really be assessed.