Citizenship & PSHE



Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE) At St Philip Howard Catholic Voluntary Academy is a key subject area. We believe that:

• The development of character in young people is hugely important

 • The development of character can, and should, be taught systematically so that no child is left behind

 • Character can be developed in attractive and enterprising ways based on activity and reflection

 • Activities undertaken can, and should, be accredited in a formalised way.


Our PSHE curriculum is divided into ten one hourly sessions over the year in which pupils participate in a number of activities. At the core of pupil’s study is the PiXL Edge Awards.


PiXL Edge aims to educate pupils on the importance of LORIC (Leadership, Organisation, Resilience, Initiative and Communication) which we call attributes. We want students to know what these attributes mean in practice at various levels (Apprentice and Graduate) We want each student to begin development of these activities from Year 7 through discrete and cross-curricular teacher and engagement in activities during our designate PSHE time. We want each student to have a personal plan using two activities across each attribute with which they will engage over the next two years. We want students to be able to develop an awareness and appreciation for their unique skillsets, and understand how to play to their strengths and develop areas of weakness. We believe that many of your Year 7 students may reach Apprentice level by 2020.


Most recently our pupils have participated in additional initiatives that supplement their work in PSHE lessons. These include:

·         Project Zao organised by High Peak Youth Engagement team


·         Make Your Mark-Pupil parliament vote on key themes linked to young people



·         Anti-Bullying Week



With plans in March for the Waste Watchers School Theatre Production team, an environmental and eco-friendly initiative helping our pupils understand the importance of creating a sustainable environment