Science Department

 Heads of Department: Mrs J. Birkitt/Miss K. Knowles

 Teaching staff:              Mrs E McGill

                                         Mr G Fitton

                                         Miss V Henderson

 Senior Technician:        Mrs L Ward

 Technician:                    Mr P Entwistle


 Overview of the main skills and knowledge:

 To have captured the individual’s interest in science by developing the ability to:

•           understand and plan for their own health and lifestyle

•           have knowledge of scientific careers alongside practical workplace skills

                understand how to make a positive impact on the world

•           develop a level of scientific knowledge and conceptual understanding

•           develop understanding of the nature, processes and methods involved in science to be able to begin to understand the world around them

•           apply observational, practical, modelling, enquiry and problem-solving skills in different environments

•           evaluate claims based on scientific discovery through a process of critical analysis

•           understand the world around us has provided the solutions to a huge number of problems but it has also led to a host of unanswered questions and unknowns

•           recognise that  theories can develop and change over time

                 realise that big questions can be answered by looking at smaller questions and developing links between them



 Be able to select and handle equipment confidently and safely

 Develop their own ideas which can be supported through their understanding and knowledge

 Explain some theories that explain phenomena

 Evaluate models and theories

 Recall and apply quantitative relationships

 Present, interpret and evaluate experimental data

 Develop a deeper understanding of everyday experiences including the natural world and modern devices

 Overarching blocks of knowledge:

 The particle model and how it explains structures and properties of materials as well as the transfer of energy

 Atomic structure and how it leads to ideas of properties and chemical reactions as well as ideas of electricity

 The cell model and how it can be used to explain life processes

 Forces and their effects on a wide range of materials and objects


Departmental Curriculum