Religious Education


Religious Education Department


Head of Department: Miss G. Egan

Mrs C. Neves


Departmental Curriculum

Through the in depth study of Catholic Christianity, other world religions and secular views, students are given opportunities to develop their knowledge as well as their moral, social, spiritual and cultural skills. The topics we have chosen enable students of all ages and levels to be challenged, inspired and engaged in important personal themes, world events and philosophical questions.

As students’ progress through the key stages they will study topics relevant and appropriate to their age and ability, providing them with the opportunity to adapt and grow their personal beliefs and philosophies, and develop into thoughtful, tolerant and intelligent adults.


In Year 7, students study topics such as: Our School Community, Who is Jesus? Christianity – How it all started, The Greatest Christmas Gift, Love Thy Neighbour, Lent and Easter, The Sacraments and Sikhism.


In Year 8, students study topics such as: Beliefs, Let My People Go (Moses and Passover), Happy Holidays (different cultural celebrations), Forgiveness and Reconciliation, Prejudice and Discrimination, Saints and Pilgrimage and Islam.


In Year 9, students study topics such as: Creation, Incarnation, Judaism practices and beliefs and The Triune God.


In Years 10 and 11, students study the following: Church and the Kingdom of God, Peace and Conflict, Redemption, Relationships and Family, Eschatology. Time is also dedicated to revision.





"Pupils generally reported enjoying their Religious Education lessons and are keen to do well, as is the culture at the school." - DCI Report, 2018