Year 10 Mock Results

19th July 2016

Dear parent / carer,

Please find enclosed your child’s GCSE mock examination results for Year 10.

You will see four different columns of information, below is an explanation of what they mean:

Practical Grade
If they have done coursework or controlled assessment in this subject, this is the grade the teacher has judged the
work to be. Some subjects do not begin coursework or controlled assessment until the Autumn Term of Year 11
(after September). If they have been given an ‘X’ in this column, it means that there is no practical grade to consider.

Written Grade
This is the result of the written exam, the one completed in the hall in June.

Overall Grade
This combines the practical and written grade to give an overall grade, as it will in the summer GCSE’s next year.
Remember, some subjects have 60% coursework and others only 20-40%. The teacher will have taken this into
consideration when submitting your child’s grade. Those subjects that do not have coursework or controlled
assessment have repeated the written grade, as they are 100% exam based.

Predicted Grade
This grade has been given as a prediction of what your child might get in the GCSE exam next summer. This grade is
based on a ‘professional prediction’ – which means that all aspects of your child’s performance has been considered
including their mock.

Fine GCSE Grade
The mock examination report identifies a fine GCSE grade. This indicates whether the grade was a secure grade or
1 = very safe, you are at the top end of this grade – close to securing the higher grade with slight improvements
2 = you fit securely into this grade
3 = not secure, you are at risk of dropping into a lower grade

English Language and Maths
see overleaf
As a PiXL school, we have participated in a national exam and moderation of the new GCSE’s in English Language and
Maths. Together with over 1000 schools, we have tested the new GCSE at a national level so that we are as confident
as can be in awarding new 1-9 GCSE grades. We are the only school in this area to be part of such a fantastic project.
As it is essential that these results are validated, they will not be available until Thursday 15th September.
You need to consider these results as an early indication of what your child will achieve in their GCSE exams next

Some of you will be happy, many congratulations to you and your child! For others, you’ll need to take the
opportunity to discuss your child’s results with them and along with the school, work in collaboration with us in
order to ensure that your child leaves SPH with the results they need to secure a better future.
You child is never alone on their journey in education as they are surrounded by teachers and staff that care
passionately about their achievement, progress and success. We are here to help, support and challenge them to
achieve the best they can.

You are invited to meet your child’s teachers at the first of our Review Evenings for Year 11 on Thursday 15th
September from 4pm till 6.30pm. Here you will receive your child’s moderated grades in English Language and
Maths. More information about this event will follow at the start of September.

Over the next few weeks and months, we will be here to listen to your worries or concerns and will support you as
best we can. We will also challenge your child to ‘raise their game’ as the countdown to the GCSE’s in summer 2017
has begun – they have 300 days until the exams begin.

2017 will be a very important year in your child’s life, today marks the beginning of the final chapter in securing a
successful future for them.

Yours sincerely
Mr D A Redfern
Assistant Head Teacher
see overleaf

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