Visitors Receptionist

Closing Date Thursday 9th November

Admin/Clerical Assistant

Reports to: Assistant Headteacher

Accountable to: Assistant Headteacher & Headteacher

Salary: Grade 6

Hours: Full time

This job description

  1. will be reviewed annually and may, after negotiation and consultation, be changed

according to the needs of the school

  1. lies within the framework of current APT&C Conditions of Service

  2. was reviewed in June 2005.


To provide clerical, administrative and financial support to underpin teaching, learning and school management.


Perform reception and telephone duties to provide courteous advice,information and help to staff, pupils, parents and the general public.

Provide secretarial service e.g. confidential typing, arrange diary, provide refreshment, prepare draft agendas and take minutes to support effective management and decision making.

Undertake document and report preparation, storage, format, retrieval, amendment and transmission using IT skills and a range of technology to support information processing and communication.

Undertake order processing and resolve routine issues that arise to ensure that stock levels are maintained, non-routine items are procured and payments are authorised and recorded.

Undertake cash collection duties and maintains appropriate records to ensure all cash is accounted for, balanced, recorded and routine anomalies resolved.

Maintain manual and electronic indexes, filing and information storage and retrieval systems to record, process and report information including financial information and transactions.

Process, format and assemble documents records, information and data. Manipulate information and undertakes routine analysis to produce reports and analysis of pupil data, financial transactions and statistical returns.

Issue and collect attendance registers and processes attendance returns. Resolves issues that arise to ensure that information and reporting is accurate and areas of concern are reported. Undertake routine analysis to highlight specific areas of concern.

Assists in arranging schools trips, check venue and transport availability, makes and confirms booking, pays deposit, collects and records contributions, and makes final payments.

Collates and prepares information for reviews from a number of sources, within the school and from outside the school to a specific deadline.

Ensure all financial transactions are correctly authorised, processed, recorded and reported. Balance, accounts for and banks all monies and administers Imprest Account and School funds transactions.

Monitors actual spending against that reported to ensure that transactions have been correctly processed and identify and report any anomalies or areas of concern.

Provide administrative support to school governing bodies and committees and school support groups.

Oversees pupils suffering minor injuries or ailments.

Checks and compiles reports, returns and inventories to comply with statutory requirements related to staff attendance and renumeration, sites and buildings and pupil related issues.

Monitors children’s and young people’s general conduct and behaviour throughout the school and intervene to resolve routine issues using appropriate techniques and skills to restore a safe and calm atmosphere conducive to learning and ensure the safety and wellbeing of pupils, staff and visitors.

For serious issues, where appropriated, advises children and young people of their responsibilities and the possible consequences of their actions. Engages immediate assistance from qualified colleagues and supports them to restore a safe and calm atmosphere conducive to learning and ensure the safety and wellbeing of pupils, staff and visitors.

For very serious incidents engages immediate assistance from senior colleagues or in extreme cases the emergency services to provide an appropriate response to restore a safe and calm atmosphere conducive to learning and ensure the safety and wellbeing of pupils, staff and visitors.


The postholder has no responsibility for supervision but will assist in the familiarisation of work duties to other colleagues.


The postholder will be required to use judgement when determining the most appropriate action from a range of alternative options, deciding the order in which duties are undertaken and when to involve senior staff.

Develop simple manual and electronic indexes, filing and information storage and retrieval systems to record, process and report information.


All school staff to discuss work issues and determine priorities.

Visitors and pupils to provide advice, information, instruction and resolve issues that arise.

Daily contacts with Headteacher or Business Manager or Headteacher’s PA and other teaching or non-teaching staff to determine priorities and highlight areas of concern.

Contacts with pupils and parents on matters relating to educational records or enquiries.

External contacts with local suppliers in relation to ordering, purchase and payment.

Goods and services suppliers to resolve issues that arise related to purchase, delivery and payment.


Discretion – Decisions are within defined procedures, policies, protocols and practices. The postholder will be required to use initiative to resolve problems that arise. Direction is readily available from the line manager or other professional or senior staff.

Consequences – matters relating to the postholder’s discretion would be readily identified and amended if necessary.

a) Discretion – The postholder works within defined processes, practices and procedures but can determine the order in which duties are performed. Advice information and guidance will usually be available.

b) Consequences – Any errors would usually be readily identified and rectified


The postholder will have the responsibility for the collection of cash between the values of £250 – £2500.


Divided into 4 sub-categories as follows:-

Work Demands – Able to choose between a range of options to achieve planned objectives and deadlines.

Physical Demands – The work requires normal physical effort

Working Conditions – The postholder will normally work in an office but may occasionally be required to visit locations throughout the school.

Work Context – The job requires direct contact with parents and visitors to the school


Good communication and inter-personal skills with a broad range of people.

Ability to use tact and courtesy with staff, pupils and visitors to the school.

Ability to use a full range of office equipment and information processing technology to produce, amend and update information and documents, correspondence and reports.

Ability to produce and amend complex word-processed documents.

Developed keyboard and IT skills

Very good literacy and numeracy skills.

Ability to represent and celebrate the values, culture and ethos of the school.

Knowledge of relevant polices/codes of practice & awareness of relevant legislation

Understanding of the School and local authority’s relevant procedures and policies.

Ability to process orders and resolve routine issues that arise.

Ability to collect, balance and record cash transactions.

Good understanding of financial process and ability to undertake related transactions and resolve issues that arise.


  • The duties and responsibilities in this job description are not restrictive and the postholder may be required to undertake any other duties which may be required from time to time. Any such duties should not however substantially change the general character of the post.

  • Equal Opportunities – The postholder must carry out his / her duties with full regard to the Academy’s Equal Opportunities policy.

  • Health and Safety – The postholder must carry out his / her duties with full regard to the Academy’s Health and Safety Procedures.





Supervision & Management of People


No direct supervisory responsibility.

Creativity & Innovation


Routine judgement to select options from established alternatives

Contacts &Relationships


Dealing with routine issues that are usually straightforward on a range of operational areas.



Undertakes tasks that are within well defined routines, procedures and policies. Use of discretion to resolve problems that arise.



Decisions will have a limited impact that would be readily identifiable.



Responsibility for handling sums of cash up to the value of £2500




The postholder will normally work within an agreed routine to achieve

specified deadlines.

Physical Demands


Normal physical effort.

Working Conditions


Administrative classroom and technical areas.

Work Context


Regular contact with pupils, parents and visitors.

Knowledge & Skills


Good knowledge of a broad range of routine administrative tasks.


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Headteacher Signed: ……………………………………………………. Date:

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