March 2016 – Year 11

 March 2016

Dear Parent / Carer

Please find enclosed your child’s new and improved written report and final academic review. We have taken the time to improve the quality of the written report provided to you by staff in comparison to what you have received in previous years. Also included is a copy of their most recent mock examination results in English and Maths and your child’s individual timetable for the summer examinations.

The academic review found at the front of the written report still contains the following information:

Attendance, Punctuality, Rewards and Behaviour

Found at the top of the report, this information gives you your child’s attendance data. We would not expect your child’s attendance to ever be below 96% whilst also expecting them to be on time for school each and every morning. Reward points give you an indication as to how well your child is being rewarded in school. Reward points can be earned in a variety of ways, from outstanding pieces of work to making a positive contribution to school life. Behaviour points inform you of the number of concerns recorded on the system by staff.

Grouping of Subjects

The Department for Education has categorised subjects into groups we often refer to as ‘buckets’. Grouping subjects like this helps us to ensure that your son or daughter gets a well-rounded education based on a curriculum that will best support them for further studies and the world of work. Schools will soon be judged on a measure called Attainment and Progress 8, replacing headline figures like the percentage of students who have got 5A*-C with English and Maths. Categorising subjects like this will help us to ensure that we are best placed to ensure that your child makes good progress in all subjects.


Based on DfE guidance, your child was set a target grade based on achievements at KS2. This grade is a minimum target and our aim is to help and assist your child in making better than expected progress and gain a better grade than targeted. This is the kind of outstanding progress we want your child to achieve here at SPH.

Working at Grade

This grade informs you of what your child is currently working at in this subject, should they take the exam today. This grade takes into account lots of different assessments collated by staff during the duration of the course.


DD1, DD2, DD3 and DD4

The columns displaying DD1, DD2, DD3 show you the grade your child was given in their previous Data Drops. DD4 indicates their current performance. You are now able to compare the grades to see if your child has progressed in their studies.

Fine GCSE grades

This grade is an estimate of what your child might achieve given current performance in the GCSE summer exams. Along with a grade, a number is given to indicate how secure the grade is. A key explaining the numbered system can be found at the bottom of the academic review. This grade should give you a strong indication of what the teacher is predicting for your child. There is time to improve this grade as there are five school weeks following the Easter holidays in which further progress can be made.

Attitude to Learning

Students are given a number between 1 – 4 indicating their effort and attitude to learning in that subject. A key explaining the numbered system can be found at the bottom of the academic review.

The written report contains the following information:

Subject Overview

This gives parents / carers an overview of what your child has been learning this academic year. You are welcome to discuss these subject topics with your child to see what they have learnt.

Progress and Achievement to date

This informs parents about how their child is progressing in the subject. It provides you with positives and/or areas for development.


A comment is given on the quality and completion of homework.

Next Steps

Identifies how your child can improve in class or gives next steps to securing better progress.

 For those children who have Mrs C Coleman for RE, we have been unable to provide a written report on this occasion. Please accept our apologies for this. Hopefully you gained enough information about your child’s progress in this subject at our two parents evenings earlier in the academic year. If you would like to discuss progress and achievement in this subject, please contact Mr Redfern.


Mock Examination results in English and Maths

The report includes the mock results taken in English Language, English Literature and Maths. These mocks were taken by students at the beginning of March.

Individual Summer GCSE Timetable

Included in this pack is a copy of the GCSE timetable for summer. It is a personalised timetable detailing the exams your child will sit. It will vary from student to student depending on their option subjects.

In building purposeful, solid relationships between the school and parents, we encourage open dialogue between both parties in order to secure the best possible outcomes for your child. Should you have any concerns about your child’s learning, please feel free to contact their class teacher or indeed their Head of Department / Year on 01457 853 611. You may also want to contact a member of staff via email. Emails can be sent to staff using their initial and surname and the following address: Please allow a reasonable amount of time for a member of staff to reply as teaching commitments might mean you do not get an instant response, but they will be in touch as soon as possible.

As always, we welcome your feedback and should you have any comments or further questions, please don’t hesitate to let a member of staff know.


Yours sincerely


Mr D A Redfern

Assistant Head Teacher

Assessment and Reporting