Homework letter 2

November 2015

Dear Parent/Carer

I am writing to you in response to the feedback we have received regarding the homework timetable. I would like to start by thanking those of you that returned the feedback forms, as it gave
us valid information, and a clearer sense of any concerns to be able to move forward and make improvements.

We had quite a lot of positive comments about the homework timetable and I am pleased that you feel it brings some structure to your child’s home study and that now you are able to track clearly if work is being set by each subject.

However the two main concerns which were highlighted were the amount of work set and the confusion over which groups your child was in.

I would like to take this time to assure you that we are addressing both of these issues. Next week there will be a whole school focus on both these issues in all subject areas. Staff will spend time
during lessons to ensure all pupils know which group they are in therefore knowing when their homework will be set. This group will be written in to their planner for your information. Staff have
also been asked to ensure that pupils are given adequate time to complete homework, especially if they are receiving a few on one day.

Once again thank you for your comments and support as we continue to develop and improve the quantity and quality of the homework.

Yours sincerely

M Bowler
Assistant Head