Anthony Vincent Perry


It is with great sadness we update our community on the passing of Mr Perry, previous Deputy Head at St Philip Howard.


Tony Perry or Mr Anthony Vincent Perry, after national service in the Education Corps, trained as a teacher and was employed at St Mary’s all age school, Glossop from 1955. The raising of the school leaving age saw pupils at all the Catholic schools in the area having to stay on for an extra year and they all came for their last year and were taught by Tony. This class was the prototype for the multi-parochial school which was Blessed Philip Howard High School which opened in 1961. He watched the school being built brick by brick from his prefabricated building on the current site of the picnic area.

Tony was appointed Head of English initially and then Deputy Head in 1963 which post he held until 1985 when he took early retirement. He was a great support to the foundation Headteacher Michael Regan and worked for three other heads Hugh Lynch, David Godlington and Anthony Duffin.

Tony had many successes in school, such as producing Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar , helping to produce the film Ardotalia, which saw the students and staff tell the story of the Romans in Glossop for the town’s centenary year and the production of the play Peer of Two realms.

He was instrumental in setting up a Sixth Form in the school. Although short lived, he was the only staff member to achieve an A Level for one of his students in British Constitution.

Tony was involved in many curriculum developments linked to the further ROSLA in 1974 where new courses were introduced; CSE, 16 plus examinations, GCSE and new initiatives like Design for Living.

Amongst his many achievements, Tony organised many school public events, all examinations and he excelled at teaching English Grammar and Literature . Whether Chaucer, Shakespeare of the modern literary works be it prose or poetry he brought them to life for his students. His reciting of Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales was legendary, as were the many accents he would expertly employ to entertain and engage their interests. If you got him to talk about his life in the army then he just might forget to give you homework! All his children and grandchildren have attended the school as have his many nieces and nephews

He gave total commitment to the school in every way during his years of service and is remembered with great affection by former pupils and colleagues. Suffice it to say he played a major role in the foundation of the school and it has always held a special place in his heart.

The whole staff and student community are thankful for the commitment and passion Tony gave to St Philip Howard which has enabled it to become the wonderful school we have today.